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Due to the lack of raw materials and high manpower costs in Singapore, we rely heavily on importing of raw materials and/or finished goods before performing our last mile delivery domestically or exporting it out internationally. Hence, we could not emphasise enough the importance of having a reliable Freight Forwarder is an integral part of your supply chain. It is important that we, as forwarders, clearly and accurately communicate the services they provide to the customer.

Many times when a company uses a Freight Forwarder it is an urgent or time sensitive matter, this is where we will step in to ensure that both the shipper and consignee have accurate information on where the Freight is throughout its journey. These days customer satisfaction can make or break your company reputation, it is imperative that you look into outsourcing your services to reliable service providers to send/receive your commodities in a swift and timely manner.

moving container freight from Singapore
freight forwarding services for all singapore company

If you are looking for a reliable Logistics / Freight Forwarding company to handle all your import & export shipments, ADC Shipping is here for you!

Without international freight forwarders, consignee/shippers would be forced to absorb the overwhelming logistical burden of supply chain management. That is the last thing we want to see in our customers. It is our mission to empower our customers to fully focus on their expertise, which is to perform their key role in the global marketplace, selling commodities/products

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